1. Please renew your meeting annually with our CADA Intergroup by June 30th using this form, regardless of whether your meeting information has changed.

2. Note you also need to renew w/ the General Service Board each year by June 30th to stay on the global meeting list.

TIP: If the General Service Office (GSO) ever assigned you a group #, please enter it here. Your group # can be found on the GSO website at, (if previously registered).

Suggestion: A quick search on your meeting location's website (church or other) may glean useful information about handicap access, bus, metro, parking, or directions for your meeting. Enter in boxes below, whatever you would like us to include in the Meeting List.

Provide any additional information you wish posted about your meeting topic or format. Ex.1: Weekly topic: "We read from a different DA pamphlet each week." Ex.2: Rotating topics: Week 1______ Week 2______ Week 3______ Week 4______ Week 5______

Contact Information

Please fill out this "Contact Information" section regardless if you are the actual meeting contact, to enable CADA to have someone to reach to confirm we have correctly made the changes submitted. We will email a confirmation of this change to you as well as any/all meeting contacts we currently have on file for this meeting.

Enter dashes for readability.

Needed for CADA internal, so we have someone to confirm changes to your meeting).

* New Option to post your email address in your meeting contact info!

Indicate below whether or not you wish to include an email address on the CADA Meeting List.

You may re-enter the same email address you gave above for CADA to reach you, or you may enter an alternate email address.

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