CADA Intergroup is here to SERVE local meetings & members of the DA fellowship! 
Capital Area Debtors Anonymous serves DA groups in the “Capital Area”.  CADA, like any group that calls itself a “DA meeting”, is guided by the DA 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts of Service.  Our primary purpose is to “carry the message to the still suffering debtor” in our local area.  The CADA Intergroup depends entirely on contributions from local meetings*, as well as individual members, from DC/MD/VA.  As an “Intergroup”, CADA is able to accomplish more and in broader ways than a single meeting can accomplish on their own.

Who is CADA?
We are made up entirely of local volunteers, who are active members of the DA fellowship.  Each local meeting sends an elected Group Representative (aka “CADA Rep”) to attend (and vote on business conducted at) the monthly CADA business meeting.  Read more about CADA Intergroup Business Meetings HERE.
NOTE: Any active member of DA is invited to attend the CADA Intergroup meeting, but only officers and group reps can cast votes. 

Interested in taking your recovery to the next level?
There are MANY opportunities to “be of service” and practice the 12th Step of our DA program at the Intergroup level!  You do NOT have to be a Group Representative to volunteer at a CADA event, or serve on a CADA subcommittee.

*Please consider “contributing” your enthusiasm, experience, or expertise by offering to BE (or, support the efforts of) members of the board of officers or a coordinator for events, website, literature sales, phone hot-line, newsletter, or public outreach (PI or HIP committee).

For details on getting involved in service with Capital Area DA Intergroup, please click HERE.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas how to grow our fellowship, carry the message, and support our local DA fellowship!