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Capital Area Debtors Anonymous (CADA) Intergroup
Our mailing address is: 4200 Wisconsin Ave NW Suite 106-325  Washington, DC 20016    202-643-2632

CORONOVIRUS UPDATE – Meetings that are meeting virtually or by telephone contain updated information below.  Please call the contact person for a meeting you wish to attend to be sure it is in fact meeting.

The Capital Area DA Intergroup is a service arm of Debtors Anonymous groups in Washington DC, Maryland, Northern VA, Richmond, VA Beach and West Virginia. DA and BDA members have found ways out of the pain and confusion caused by debting by participating in the DA program. We want to tell others who are experiencing the same problems that there is a solution. The CADA Intergroup combines the resources of the individual groups to carry out projects that would be difficult for a single group to achieve.

Any active member of DA is invited to attend at the CADA Intergroup meeting.  Group Representatives (aka “CADA Reps”) are encouraged to attend the monthly CADA meeting to help support your group and Capital Area DA as a whole. You are welcome to send a meeting representative in your place if you are unable to attend.

See more on our Service Opportunities with CADA page about open Intergroup positions, special project committees and other volunteer opportunities.  Bring your thoughts and ideas how to  grow our fellowship while taking your recovery to the next level. See the CADA Intergroup Business Meeting page.

CADA Intergroup Business Meeting
every 3rd Sat of the month by conference call
12:00-1:30 pm
Dial-in number: (712) 770-5505; Access code: 281226#

Please join us to:
> Find out about service opportunities and how you can get involved.
> Suggest ideas how our CADA Intergroup can offer support for your meeting
> Learn about participating in business and how the DA Intergroup organization operates.
> Develop new friendships in the program.

If you are interested in doing service at the Intergroup level but can’t regularly attend monthly meetings, find out how you can volunteer for special projects and/or serve on a committee. Call or email us, or even better, visit a CADA meeting to find out more.

How does the Intergroup work?
Each group elects a representative to participate in Intergroup meetings. The Intergroup representatives decide what projects they want to try, form committees of DA volunteers to do the projects, and report the results back to the groups.

How do we help individuals?
CADA supports current and prospective members by:

  • Updating the meeting list online for distribution to the groups.
  • Staffing a voice-message line to give out area meeting information and to answer questions.
  • Organizing and sponsoring fellowship days, workshops and other special events for DA members in the local area.
  • Maintaining an intergroup website for those searching for information about DA and keeping current members up-to-date on events and other information important to the local groups.

How do we help groups?
We support groups by:

  • Encouraging the formation of new groups by giving out information and DA literature
  • Giving information to the media and counselors, educators, and other helping professionals who wish to learn about DA.
  • Passing along information about individual group activities to other groups in the area

What do we get out of it?
Intergroup activities are more than just meetings. They are chances to have fun with other DA members, to visualize exciting projects and make them happen, and to see ourselves grow as we work together.