While formats vary from region to region and meeting to meeting, there are some common elements to all of them: an opening reading, a member chairing the meeting, announcements, a collection for the meeting’s financial support, and sharing by others, which is optional. Often meetings dedicate time to read the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions, the Signs of Compulsive Debting, the Tools of DA and other literature. Some meetings have a member speak and share their experiences, describing their path to thier recovery.

Usually meetings allocate time during or after a meeting on a monthly basis to hold a business meeting. We attend meetings because by sharing in our recovery, we are able to stay in recovery. There will be others there who can help you on your path.

DA meetings have some guidelines so everyone can feel safe and free to talk about money problems. We respect each other by using the principles of anonymity and confidentiality. We identify ourselves by first names only so we can focus on what is being said instead of who is saying it. We do not repeat what is said by others during meetings or in private conversations between members. We attempt to allow enough time for all those that wish to share to do so. You don’t have to share if you don’t want to. If time runs out and some of us cannot share during a meeting, we can speak with other members after the meeting or call someone on the phone later.

We pass around a We Care list where people have the option to write their name and phone number, to provide support for each other between meetings. The list goes around twice so that others can copy down the name and number and reach out to seek help or share their strength, hope and recovery.

It is suggested to target attending 6 meetings in a period of two weeks to have time to identify with the speakers and absorb the DA concepts. Keep an open mind, and if you do not like one meeting, attend another. They each have their own unique personality. At the meeting, DA members will be happy to see you and during the meeting you can share or not share as you feel comfortable. Our recovery depends on helping others so there will be people happy to answer questions you have. If unable to attend an in-person meeting try a phone or online meeting!

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