Note 1: If you are the treasurer, CADA Rep, GSR, Literature person, or serve in another role for your meeting, please provide your contact information using this form so that CADA can reach you with event announcements, meeting changes, or other valuable information.

Note 2: If you are the MEETING CONTACT for your group, please use the MEETING UPDATE FORM to submit any meeting changes, as well as to perform an annual renewal by June 30th with us, to keep our local meeting list updated.

You can select "My service title is not listed" and manually enter position(s) further down. If you serve in multiple positions, or are ending one and starting another position, you can tell us about that further down.

If you don't remember, you can enter an estimate or make no selection.

If your service is ending, please advise new person taking over the position to fill out this form or emails us, if at all possible.

Tell us anything additional here, for example, your title was not included in the list above, you have multiple positions, or you are acting in a position temporarily. Is one position starting and another ending? Please enter info tidily, preferably separating positions on separate lines with a position START and/or END date if known.

Enter what you consider your home meeting, if you are updating an Intergroup position.

You can find your meeting # though the World Service site at
(if it was registered previously).

Include dashes for readability.

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Enter any additional information, comments, or questions or email us at:

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