Tell us about your Event!

1. Use this form to tell CADA about your event and we will post an announcement on the Intergroup website and try to get it into the next CADA e-Newsletter. Don't worry if you don't have all the details; send us what you have and submit the form again later and we'll make updates as we receive them.
2. Don't forget to email us a flyer at and we will post a link so folks can download, print and share at their meetings.

Locate your group # by searching for your meeting on the World Service site at (if it was registered perviously).

Still planning the agenda, getting speakers and fine tuning the details? Submit a brief Save-the-Date flyer to get the word out. You can always use the form again to submit event detail updates. You can email us a Save-the Date or full-detail flyer at:

Suggestion: A quick search on your event location's website may glean useful information about handicap access, parking, helpful directions, etc. Most of the boxes on this form are open ended for you to enter whatever is relevant for inclusion in your Event Announcement on the website. You may you find you'll want to add some of that extra info in your Event flyer too!

Event Contact (for CADA to reach you)

Include dashes for readability.

(For CADA purposes to reach you in case of questions.)

You can enter modifications to the info above, or can add a completely different contact to appear on web page for event announcement.

Enter name and phone number and optionally, provide an email address, and if reachable by text.

Reminder: Send us a copy of your event flyer!

Email your event flyer (or Save-the-Date flyer) to whenever it is ready and we will post it on the web for others to print and take to their meetings.

You can also email us with any questions, comments, or concerns at

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